elephant trans

Sarah Skibitzke and Bryan Donnell are a filmmaking team who have been working together on various documentary projects for over a decade (both before and after their marriage) for projects that have aired on CBS, A&E, HBO and numerous other channels, featured in festivals such as Toronto, Tribeca, Sundance, and Cannes—where a film Bryan shot won the Palme d’Or for short films—and have won a primetime Emmy for an episode of the highly regarded docu-series Intervention that Sarah produced and Bryan shot. In 2007 the couple were invited to South Africa to film the inaugural behind-closed-door meetings of The Elders, a group that includes such luminaries as Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu, on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Elephant Rider was formed in 2013 when the pair set out to document the international art project One Million Bones, in which one million bones made by hands all over the world were laid on the National Mall as a visible and experiential testament to ongoing genocides and mass atrocities around the globe.

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