This 20 minute short film provides a powerful glimpse into the making of One Million Bones. Our Emmy-winning team at Elephant Rider Films is now gearing up for another round of filming to take the story even deeper, giving a voice to the survivors themselves to communicate who and what these bones represent. We will hear the stories of: MYRA, a genocide awareness activist from Eastern Burma who has lost many family members and friends to the brutality of Burma’s military regime; EVA, a survivor of the Holocaust who at the age of 10 was torn from her parents at the selection platform at Auschwitz; MUKWESO, an advocate for Congo; and many more.

Further, we will follow the journey of art to advocacy, demonstrating the power of art in mobilizing a community of Americans and refugees to bring change within an issue that has often seemed unchangeable.

For the film’s completion our production team will be traveling all over the US for further interviews and documentary coverage, as well as possible international travel to the countries where these conflicts are occurring. Our dedicated team is ready to move forward, but we can’t do it alone. We are currently raising $50,000 to fund the remainder of the project. Film is the greatest medium of our time to communicate on a global scale. Let’s make their voices heard! Please help us on our mission by contributing your voice and donating to One Million Bones the film.

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  1. Michele Teasdale

    Congratulations for your wonderful work. Very touching. Very moving.
    I am so proud that my daughter Joanne Teasdale (photographer) is involved in the project and was among the people helping.
    On account of my age, (81 years old) my only help to you can come from my donation.
    Let’s hope for a better world. I am confident.
    Michele Teasdale


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